Monday, August 31, 2009

PDC The Boutique Design Ideas

Sunday's are "Nephew" days as well as clean up days. I didn't have the heart to move them for the pic. :) So here is my living room, too hot today to open the curtains. But like I mentioned before, by selecting a large couch to fill the entire space and keeping the colors light, I was able to give the feeling of a open large space.
Warning: pics are so out of sequence. Ok so here is Nigel. Nigel loves to ruin all of Mommies expensive pillows.

Here is my fireplace. Plates and Artwork are from PDC The Boutique.

Media Center, that I mentioned in last blog. To the right I have stacked a few treasures I found in London. The top plaque is handmade and represents our family crests, the bottom yellow & gold plate is from The Buckingham Palace. The set is used by the Queen herself and I scored #120 of only 500 sold. Yay! In between and behind are books with famous sayings, A Gucci catalog, lol, a book of The Windsor Castle (that's the name of it!!!) and other inspiration pieces.

Like I promised, here are clearer pics of my previous attempt. Please note, my husband made the bed today in this guest room. Teehee.

The quirky dog pillow, keeps it light and fun. Pillow sold at PDC The Boutique.

Instead of a "board," I decided to hang some of my favorite things and experiences.

The stairwell like I mentioned before, is one of my favorite things in the house.

This is a "hot" new way to showcase your books...I love books!! Collecting books can be pricey at times, most of these books in this pic were less than a dollar each at a thrift shop. (how many times can I mention the word "books" in two sentences) :)

This console is located in my living room. Again, it's best to show your personality here and there. I have my wedding photo (shot in my backyard) surrounded by the Rat Pack. Below there is another black and white photo of the Godfather. :) Photos bought at a local fundraiser in Lodi, CA


  1. Julie WooldridgeMonday, August 31, 2009

    HI Lisa! Love your new blog. I'm wanting to start one soon also. Love all your house pictures. So, you have to tell me where to get the wall book display?

  2. Hi...I came over from Alice's blog...Your home is lovely...I love that's gorgeous...and Nigel is pretty cute too...
    Sue @ Rue Mouffetard

  3. Julie, Thanks for the compliment! I bought the floating book shelves 2 years ago at Barnes & Knobles but you can probably just go to since they are the makers.

    Sue, Thanks for "hopping" over and viewing my blog. Nigel can be a stinker! :)

  4. Hi Lisa, you have done a great job with your home and your blog! Thanks for sharing your design tips, I love them! Love the book display, so fun!