Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lisa (Starkey)Laber in W Magazine!!!!

Ok so! It all started with the Angelina Jolie Cover above, in which W allowed Brad Pitt to photograph Angelina with kids and give us a private look into their lives though his eyes. It was beautiful. However, not everyone felt the same way (understandable, can't please everyone) but it was the backlash of a "Readers React" writer who claimed that showing a photo of Angelina breast feeding was pretty much offensive to her and other women so she threw the magazine in the trash. I felt provoked but it wasn't until every issue after that was pretty much the same way of thinking and that is not the type of "movement" that I care to see us "going down", if you will. It became this strange Celebrity vs. Models vs. Subscriber "beef" which was leading everyone off the point.
So long story short, I wrote into Readers React (I've never done this and often thought "who has the time") but it goes to show that your voice needs to be heard regardless of it's in a fashion publication or not. I wanted readers to see that currently in the real world many Americans are suffering from our economic downfall so who really gives a S*%@ about cover choices. Efforts should rather be put towards community recovery or even world recovery! Aside from that, it's just kinda cool! Lol! :) Here is what I wrote:
Cover Drama
Regardless of whether a celebrity or a model is on the cover of W, the magazine has never failed to promote high fashion and art. Readers who throw a tantrum over cover choices baffle me-yet such discussions have themselves become an art form in the pages of Readers React. Fellow readers, open your eyes and realize that there are worse things going on in life than having a celebrity on a magazine's cover!
Lisa Laber
Lodi, Calif.
If any of you happen to be following this, I'm curious to know your thoughts.

Celebrate Mama, May 9, 2009

PDC The Boutique will be at Celebrate Mama May 9, all merchandise will be on SALE up to 50% off! ONE DAY ONLY!
Location is at Hutchins Street Square, outside from 10:am to 3:pm.

Lodi Street Faire, Sunday May 3, 2009

PDC The Boutique will be OPEN from 11:am to 5:pm throughout the duration of the Lodi St. Faire. Hope to see you all soon! -Lisa
Visit the Lodi Chambers of Commerce for more info.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lodi CA, Wine Stroll, April 17

Join us April 17, this Friday between 6-9p for our Downtown Lodi Wine Stroll.

Michael David Winery will be "pouring" for PDC and Brian Hiley will be serving up some amazing appetizers! So get your tickets soon at the Lodi Chambers of Commerce.

Also, Starlett will be showcasing her organic lotion line "Essence of Her" inside of PDC. See why her following is getting bigger and bigger! -Lisa

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lollia Mother's Day Promotion

This is a limited edition collection called Always, with a citrus grapefruit scent it's perfect for the Spring and Summer.
Breathe, Oprah's favorite, seems to be a big hit with the Mom's as well. It's a lovely floral soft scent with a classic design, wrapped with a satin bow and crystal.

Believe is my favorite and my best seller. The fragrance is Cabbage Rose with a splash of citrus, so delightful, a sure hit! Special: Spend $50.00 or more, recieve a free Grenadine scented Shampoo Tube (Value $8.00)
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While supplies last, thru Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Specials!

Not only are these beautiful...they smell like fresh Gardenia's
My best selling candle will be a sure hit, Mom will love the frangrance and the elegance.

What Mom wouldn't want this classic styled decanter? It smells wonderful and comes in lotion, perfume, body wash & bath gel & who can resist the extra bling? Perfume bottles are currently 50% off, while supplies last.
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Lastly, below is the perfectly packaged soap set that goes along well with the Decanter above. You'll have yourself a happy Mom! SPECIAL: Print any of these pics, bring it in to PDC and recieve 20% off of you Mother's Day gift! Mom will be happier if you got a deal, wink, wink!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! Easter gifts that I have at PDC include these fantastic soaps, greeting cards & more, enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"En-ga-ling" (Nephews pronunciation) :)

I just tried to get pics to be larger but it won't work so I guess you will have to use your imagination. :)
Make sure you check alley ways because this is what you will find, definitely not like our allies.

This was displayed in a local Cotswold Boutique...hmmmm????

Im Back from England!

Old Bond Street with a black cab...always catch the black cabs!
Home sweet home. This is the lobby of the Waldorf.

A typical tiny car...too funny!

The Apollo Victoria Theater

The Somerset House

Windsor Castle


Buckingham Palace Gaurd

Shakespeares Birthplace

The "Wicked Witch" star of Wickeds' Broadway show.

Well, I'm back from an amazing trip to London. We couldn't of picked a better week to arrive since we just missed the storm, therfore had beautiful but still chilly weather. Also missed the G 20 Summit that is taking place now which is rumored to have major riots...safe travels Barrack! Whew! Anyway I thought I would share a few pics of my trip so you can get the "flavor" of England. This is a pic of me at Nottinghill were I found curiously beautiful silver rings for PDC, above is a typical London car, Wicked the broadway hit which was "out of this world", The Waldorf lobby (our home...hey Luca, Robert wants to know if you want to have breakfast) LOL :) The Somerset House was a very magical evening...one of my favorite memories. Muah, miss you Somerset! We topped the trip off with a shopping excursion at Old Bond St. and took a train to the Windsor Castle. Everyone must see that castle...incredible! There is so many wonderful memories it wouldn't be the same if I just wrote about it, so if you are planning a trip there, come in and I'll give you our top 15 London travel tips, you'll be grateful I did. :) See you soon and don't forget to come and see my London merchandise...limited qauntities.

PS Oops! I didn't mean to post such small pics! Sorry.