Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lisa (Starkey)Laber in W Magazine!!!!

Ok so! It all started with the Angelina Jolie Cover above, in which W allowed Brad Pitt to photograph Angelina with kids and give us a private look into their lives though his eyes. It was beautiful. However, not everyone felt the same way (understandable, can't please everyone) but it was the backlash of a "Readers React" writer who claimed that showing a photo of Angelina breast feeding was pretty much offensive to her and other women so she threw the magazine in the trash. I felt provoked but it wasn't until every issue after that was pretty much the same way of thinking and that is not the type of "movement" that I care to see us "going down", if you will. It became this strange Celebrity vs. Models vs. Subscriber "beef" which was leading everyone off the point.
So long story short, I wrote into Readers React (I've never done this and often thought "who has the time") but it goes to show that your voice needs to be heard regardless of it's in a fashion publication or not. I wanted readers to see that currently in the real world many Americans are suffering from our economic downfall so who really gives a S*%@ about cover choices. Efforts should rather be put towards community recovery or even world recovery! Aside from that, it's just kinda cool! Lol! :) Here is what I wrote:
Cover Drama
Regardless of whether a celebrity or a model is on the cover of W, the magazine has never failed to promote high fashion and art. Readers who throw a tantrum over cover choices baffle me-yet such discussions have themselves become an art form in the pages of Readers React. Fellow readers, open your eyes and realize that there are worse things going on in life than having a celebrity on a magazine's cover!
Lisa Laber
Lodi, Calif.
If any of you happen to be following this, I'm curious to know your thoughts.

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