Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Festa Della Donna in Lodi CA

I just got back from the Festa Della Donna and oh was it amazing, beautiful and full of wonderful people! PDC The Boutique was one of the many wonderful vendors that participated today. You can view photos in the Lodi News Sentinal at search "Festa Della Donna" (A pic of my Husband and I were in the artical...Yay!) Below is the written article, what a wonderful cause!

The Vaccarezza Murdaca Family Foundation hosted the Festa della Donna fundraiser on May 13 at the Viaggio Estate Winery.More than 200 people attended the event, which was held to raise funds for Lodi House and the Salvation Army's Hope Harbor Shelter. Chefs from Stockton, who have cooked in Italy, worked with the Hope Harbor Shelter's culinary graduates to prepare the food. A silent auction was held and 30 raffle prizes were given. Those who attended also had the opportunity to view 36 tables that were each uniquely decorated by 36 individuals.Nancy Shock, one of the event coordinators, said the event raised over $70,000."In this time of recession, it was a grassroots effort that we were able to come up with that kind of profit," she said.

A special thanks to Kathleen and Ryan for making it so pleasant and fun! -Lisa

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