Friday, August 28, 2009

The start of PDC design tips...

Here are just 4 quick pics of my house (taken from my blackberry so not the best clarity) but a great start! Here is a pic below of one of my favorite things about my house...the custom stairwell. In the living room, I had an issue with not having the right space to put a media center so I made the random cubbie space the place! By painting it a dark color (chocolate) and matching my massive buffet (converted to a media center) I was able to make it look as if it were built for the TV and not the other way around. It's the same concept of wearing the dress and not letting it wear you!
The other side of the room (remember my "issue") was that I did not want to cover my beautiful cobblestone fireplace. So I had my couch custom made by having them remove the back of it just so, ahhhh, now you can see it. The room was narrow, so to fix this I did a few things. I one, added a sectional purposely that large to fill the space entirely. I opted for a monochromatic look so I painted the walls a white (satin finish) a bright white on woodwork (high gloss). By mixing paint finishes you can create subtle texture throughout the room. My couch, fabrics are a creme color to ad to the openess I was going for. The focus was enhancing the structure of my house.

Below is one of my guest bedrooms, my favorite so far because it was a "mosh posh." What I mean by that is I mixed everything from Ikea, Target, Ralph Lauren, Ross, PDC The Boutique, Anthropologie, Potterybarn, antiques, vintage! By using most of what I already had, it only ended up costing me $500.00 to design.

I will upload more photos of my house....stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Lisa, you have done an incredible job! Your guest bedroom is wonderful, I love how you used what you had. Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.