Friday, March 13, 2009

Going, Going, GONE!

Here are just some of my treasured one of a kind SOLD items. So, if you love and adore it, buy before it's gone! I learned the hard way too. Tee-Hee (wink). Yes it's true, I have a "secret stash" of pretties. The Corsett below with the painting on it is one thing in this section that is "secretly stashed" shhhhhh, don't tell hubby. :)

My one of a kind sock monkey's were the HOT item of 2008

This colorful Tutu was made by an artist in Brazil.

This set was only carried once at PDC

I love the colors and fushia satin fun & flirty!

This dress was purchased by Ryan, who wore it for a public speech and was a hit! Thanks Ryan!

Just one of Mr. Spencer's purchase for his lovely wife.

I will eventually put this back into PDC once it's photographed in one of my shoots for my Website.

Courtney fell in love with this dress and bought it the first week I opened. It was my first one of a kind dresses and treasured by me. It is now worth double the amount. The designer is getting "big."

This pretty was bought from my old high school pal Sherry, it was love at first site!

One of my favorite gals bought one of my favorite piece of Art. Thanks Christine!


  1. So cute! Lisa, do you still have that cute little dog at the beginning of this post?

  2. Believe me...I wish I still did. Too cute!!