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Lisa Starkey-Laber stands in front a tree filled with magical delights at PDC The Boutique in the Woolworth Building in Downtown Lodi. (Courtesy photo)
PDC — The Boutique
Hidden treasure chest inside Woolworth Place
First published: December, 2008
Through the delicate patterned glass doors, walls of inspiration of whimsical creatures and beautifully inspired gypsy gaze lovingly. PDC The Boutique is both vintage and modern that creates the perfect gift shop for the girl who has everything or who can't get enough! Elegant chandeliers of plenty, cascade from the ceilings and sweet rose perfumes fused with french tripled milled soaps bestow a marvelous signature scent through out the store. French imported furniture is seen in every corner which displays top of the line lotions, candles, and one of a kind jewelry. From handmade sock monkeys to Crabapple's unique blankets and bibs the list goes on in this visual candy shop of delight. But the sweetest of them all is the polka dot dress wearing boutique owner Lisa Starkey-Laber. With an eye in interior design and holding a degree in photography from Academy of Art Universty, Lisa started PDC from humble beginnings. "Changing the world person by person room by room" is her motto to connect people with unique gifts to share with a dear friend, a close neighbor, or a loved one. Each present is wrapped with style and is topped off with the perfect bow. When unwrapping this cherished treasure tiny or large one can imagine the significance of a voluntary act which does not require anything in return. This hidden chest of treasures now holds over 150 artists and companies around the world. A company such as Lollia, who's relaxing foaming bubble bath was featured in Oprahs O list, which described as "incredibly calming with a mix of honey and apricot."Also Principessa a spectacular fragrance and lotion line who is notorious among the Hollywood stars.With a mélange range of fabulous pieces to glamorize everday life, PDC The Boutique is far from mediocrity. PDC The Boutique is located in the Woolworth Place at 115 S. School St. Suite 5. -Lodi News Sentinel
When you walk into PDC The Boutique, it’s a visual delight. Owner Lisa Starkey-Laber carries an eclectic collection of art and handmade jewelry that adorn the walls and clever display cases. “The beauty of my store is that we house over 100 global artists and five local artists. They are all up-andcoming, so we can grow together,” said Starkey-Laber. She also offers the popular fragrance products from Lollia and Archipelago. Her selections include delicately scented hand creams, body lotions, eau de parfum, and bath salts. A section devoted to four-legged friends includes colorful doggie beds and hand-made leashes and collars. -Elegant Lifestyle Magazine

The two Stockton women of Crabapple Boutique, Heather Pinasco and Caroline Barth, are experts in baby and children’s items, with five children of their own between the two of them. This Loopy Lovie is handmade with baby’s sensitivity to touch in mind. The vintage print is soft and smooth, the solid colored underside is dotted with raised bumps, and the loops on both ends are perfect for tugging and chewing, making this any baby’s favorite blankie. $40 for three-piece set with matching burp cloth and bib, PDC The Boutique, Lodi, (209) 333-7777, or -S.J. Magazine

At PDC The Boutique in Downtown Lodi, owner Lisa Starkey-Laber has filled her store with pure artists' work. There are collages, paintings of skewed people, hand-sewn sock puppets, locally made pinwheels and mixed media by emerging artists from around the world. Also an interior designer, Starkey-Laber says the concept of mixed media has been around for a long time, but it's just now becoming cool. Today, it's not uncommon for people to hang a print of a funky gypsy in their living room or put a collage of black crows above a fireplace. -Lodi News Sentinel
All Press courtesy of Stockton Elegant Magazine, Lodi News Sentinel and San Joaquin Magazine

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