Friday, March 6, 2009

Just some of my favorite PDC treasures!

Handmade Swarovski Crystal, gold wired wrapped Cocktail ring from Japan. 5 different styles $58.00 each
Made in England, this is one of many from this artist.

Vintage dress...just beautiful.

I love the black & white detail of this print, so adorable and one of my best sellers.

This piece is an instant classic! Wear it at a wedding, out on the town or with a simple white tank and jeans and "Volia" fabulous!

I carry the entire line of Lollia but sadly have to say goodbye to my sweet little doorhangers...Lollia decided to discontinue them. I know, right. But I managed to score 20 more!

The ultimate luxury lotion decanter by Lady Primerose! Tryst is the frangrance and lucky is the lady who gets one of these as a gift.

As you know, I have several...ah...I like to call them "naughty humor" items that make the ladies blush and lol.

I carry many breeds but of course partial to the pug.

This is the most beautiful card in person, all handmade.

Need I say more?

Ahhhh...the "Young Antionette" necklace. Come in and try this "pretty" on! You will certainly feel like a Queen.


The Pucci in Gucci! LOL...oh yes I did!

Sparkle, shine and one of a kind!

The original hand painted antique plates made by a lovely lady in New Zealand. I now see them being mass produced by many large Co. but I have the originals. hee-hee:)

This necklace is a "best friend" must have gift. Inspired by "Sex & the City" this is the "Carrie in Paris."

This print now adorns the walls of many little girls rooms...

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